Why It Is Right to Stop Daylight Savings Time

Studies have shown that a high number of American citizens do not cherish the Daylight Savings Time and thus argue that it should be abolished with immediate effect. The proponents of the DST reason that it is pertinent when it comes to saving energy, reducing accidents, and crime. However, there are substantial facts that have been put forward to show that DST is not okay for any economy and hence it must be stopped without hesitation. It is something that made some people raise a Petition to End Daylight Savings Time in the United States so that Congress can consider ending DST. There are chances that you are among the few people who still believe the DST is vital for the economy but reading the content of this paper will change your look at things.

The start of the summer means that day is more extended than nights when it comes to the application of the DST. People have to wake up one hour earlier for work than they were used to previously. It is something that has led to high cases of heart attacks since most of the individuals lack the chance to get enough sleep that affects their brain. Furthermore, at the DST end at the start of the spring, most of the people suffer some depression due to the reduced number of hours. Cutting a long story short, DST can be linked to substantial negative health impacts and hence it is not okay for the county.

When people get to work while they are sleepy, one does not to be an expert to know that they may not have the high concentration required. It is possible to find the forklift operators losing focus when they are discharging their mandates. It is something that causes a lot of workplace accidents which can bring huge losses to companies that have to compensate the injured employees. Besides, some of the drivers on the roads may cause some accidents because they will be sleepy when on the roads at the start of the summer.

Arguing that DST is the best to the economy may not have the truth that one may think since people need time to change their clocks at the start and end of DST. Economists will argue that the ten or so minutes wasted when shifting the clocks back and forth can be utilized to do things that are vital for economic growth. The points raised in this text are enough proof that the end daylight savings time petition has every reason to be supported.

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Ending Daylight Savings: A Petition

Every person would love to get that additional hour for sleep during the autumn whenever we will fall back to the standard time, but the inevitable expenses would come during the spring whenever we would spring forward and lose the an hour of sleep. However, the impacts would go beyond one hour of sleeping. If we will mess with our physiologic circadian rhythm, we would just predispose ourselves into being less productive and less healthy.

Employees are a lot prone to mistakes due to losing an hour of sleep in the days that follows the initiation of the daylight saving times. The workplace injuries have seen a significant spike, together with the severity of emotional and physical injuries throughout the days immediately following the change of time. Ultimately, this has cost numerous employers with lots of expenses, and drags down the economy.

Also, a lot of students have suffered, with tons of books to read with lesser time that is why they usually got low scores in their tests. This is very true among the law and medical students who really need time to learn and comprehend what they are reading.

It is not good for the health of the general population too. Changing our current exposure to the sunlight would inhibit the natural production of our melatonin. This is the hormone that is responsible for sleeping. As a result, insomnia would erupt, possibly lasting a lot longer in contrast to the few days of the time change adjustment. Various researchers and medical experts have found out that cardiac diseases have significantly increased in the month of March during the weeks and days following the change of time. While other researchers have also looked at some data of their patients in the previous decade and they found out the same time. They discovered that during Mondays, right after the implementation of daylight savings time, there were at least 25% more cases of heart attacks than the usual or standard Mondays. Visit End Daylight Saving Time site for further details.

The daylight saving time came as part of the war effort during the Second World War in order to save both fuel and energy. But, this war has been over for a long period of time already, and at this modernized world, there are no evidences that this is logical. In truth, due to the changes of time, people constantly run their ACs longer during summertime and their heaters during the wintertime, and we are not living in the conventional 9 AM to 5PM Monday to Friday type of economy anymore. Today, we are working on a 24/7 basis. For more insights jump to enddaylightsavingtime.org

It is the right time to leave this kind of policy, together with all the negative effects associated with it. The earth’s rotation and our circadian rhythm is not subject for social engineering. It is the time to put an end of this daylight savings time policy.

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Reasons To End Daylight Saving Time

Daylight saving time is a practice in history where the clocks move forward one hour during spring and again move it one hour in the fall. In the United States, Daylight saving time starts the second Sunday in March such that the clocks are moved forward one hour and ends on the first Sunday of November and the clocks are pushed back one hour. Daylight changing time might vary with the day its begins or end. The primary reason for Daylight Saving Time is to utilize the daylight to the maximum. The clocks are changed in spring to shift one hour of the daylight. It’s a shift of an hour of daylight from morning to the evening. The fall shifts an hour of daylight back from evening to morning, and the clock is returned to Standard Time. End Daylight Saving Time is acknowledged by almost seventy countries, for instance, all of North America and Europe observe it. Other parts of the world are acknowledged by minority like some parts in South America. Other parts of the world like Africa and Asia do not observe it, and most of them never did from the beginning. Depending on the country, Daylight Saving Time lasts for six to nine months.

Daylight saving time was introduced during World War 1 to reduce energy use that is used for lighting and heating. It was meant to conserves energy supplies to enhance the war effort. But, in the modern world, most people see it as a practice that serves no purpose. Most researchers are trying to abolish daylight-saving time because to them the claims about saving energy are not proven. There is no much evidence showing that it reduces energy use and sometimes it is seen as increasing the energy use. Researchers discovered that people use less electricity during the day, but there was more use of energy in the evenings as they use more air conditioning. Daylight saving time also increases the consumption of gasoline. Some people support daylight saving time in the belief that, the more the daylight, the fewer the accidents. Nevertheless, the clock changing leads to air travel synchronization headaches that causes travel delays hence loss of revenue. Other health issues associated with turning the clock include sleep disruption, mood, metabolism, stress levels, and different bodily rhythms. According to research findings, there have been many reports of an increase in heart attacks, work injuries, a rise in automobile accidents and a lot of suicide. Read more

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